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SWRSA - About the Association

Mission Statement

To Provide an opportunity for any person to play organized soccer at recreational and competitive levels and to assist participants in reaching their potential through the provisions of programs for developing players, coaches, referees and administrators in the province of Ontario.

The Ontario Soccer Association through its district representative, the South-West Regional Soccer Association strives to......

  • Promote, develop and govern the game of soccer, both indoor and outdoor;
  • Provide play for all ages and both sexes;
  • Implement and promote leadership clinics for players, coaches, referees, trainers and administrators;
  • Appoint, or delegate the appointment of referees for all games approved by the district;
  • Approve, monitor and promote all tournaments within the district;
  • The Ontario Soccer Association through Sports-Can insurance consultants insures members in good standing with a comprehensive general liability policy plus a sports accident package.
  • Members in good standing are eligible to vote and take part at the annual general meeting of the district;
  • On a regular basis, bakes available a club directory, sanctioned tournament listing, special sports reports, updated clinic listing, discipline summary and any other information which is of benefit to clubs, leagues and association members.

Coverage Area

S.W.R.S.A. covers the following geographic areas:

  • County of Dufferin
  • County of Grey
  • County of Perth
  • County of Waterloo
  • County of Wellington

Programs and Services

Coaching Development

Coaching development begins with parent coaches being taught the pre level one course through accredited Club Head Coaches and concludes with the CSA's international B License course. The OSA's technical resources and instructors direct two thirds of their energy towards grass roots clinics.

Referee Development

Referee development begins with the Class 4 level and continues all the way up to a FIFA badge. Eighty percent of the clinic attendees are grass roots level participants. Assessment, education, and appointment equity are also integral services provided.

Player Development

Player identification begins at the Regional level for both boys and girls leading to Provincial Team opportunities, followed by National Squad at the older ages. Regional Competition, National Championships and international travel all provide the necessary training ground to assist Ontario players with selection to Canada's National Teams.

Ontario Cup

The largest competition of its kind in Canada, the Ontario Cup is every clubs shared passion. No other sport boasts greater geographical representation in Ontario at more age levels and in both genders. National Championships take place in four age levels as well.


The OSA in addition to its Internet and Website service, publishes newsletters regularly for coaches and referees. Media partners like Direct Kicks, Ontario Soccer Beat (Tronto Sun), International Sports Report (The Fan) and Futbol magazine all greatly assist in the promotion of soccer on behalf of the OSA.


The OSA is committed to the personal growth of volunteers. Workshops in coaching, refereeing, administration, discipline, and volunteer screening are but a few topics offered.


The full range in accident and liabilty coverage is provided as well as optional insurance for equipment, offices, directors and officers, and loss of wages at very competitive rates.

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