Ontario Soccer Player Development Model

The Ontario Soccer Player Development Model is recommended for training grassroots players from the ages of U6-U12. The model allows for players to train in larger groups which help build a child's social network.

When using the Player Development Model, players will travel in a group throughout the session from and activity to a game back to a activity.

Using the station approach we are able to cater the session to the individual needs of the player, which keeps the children engaged and motivated. With this method players will work at a station for a predetermined amount of time, travel to the next station while having a drink and be ready for the next station to start.

When dealing with large groups of players, multiple stations will be running at the same time. When this is the case all stations will start together and all stations will break together, creating a FUN and enjoyable environment for both players and coaches.

Stations can be created for any kind of activity ranging from physical literacy, individual ball work, passing and receiving all the way through to shooting or goalkeeping. For the game stations, coaches can get creative and have a regular 3 v 3 game, 4 goal soccer, end zone games or possession based games, basically any kind of game which places players against an opponent with a target as the goal.

To read further information including diagrams on the development model follow the provided link to Ontario Soccer's site:

Player Development Model

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