Due to the Switchboard being replaced with the Competition & Travel Management System (CTMS), the process to obtain an International Transfer Certificate has been adjusted. 

International Transfer Certificate Process: 

If a player's most recent registration was in another country they must obtain an International Transfer Certificate (ITC). To apply for an ITC please complete the following steps: 

Player must: 
- Complete the ITC Application Form (also available on: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/clubs-districts/registration/international-transfers
- Send the Club the completed ITC Application Form with any other applicable documents (ie. USSF form or Minor Player requirements) 

Club must: 
- Log into CTMS (http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/
- Click on ITC Form button, Complete the Form and upload any additional documents from the player 
- Click the Agree box and Save and Submit 
- The Club must send the District an email notifying them of the ITC Application (and reference number) 

District must: 
- Log into CTMS 
- Search for the ITC application 
- Ensure all necessary information is completed 
- Approve the application 
- Send the OSA and email with the application/reference # via intertransferreinstatemanager@soccer.on.ca 

The OSA will process and send to the CSA. Once approved the OSA will notify the District with any necessary documentation. 

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