1.    Where are you located?

a.    SWRSA is located at:     44 Beasley Drive, Main Floor,  Kitchener ON N2E 1Y6

                                                                                  i.    We are located across the street from Budd Park next to the Unitron Building.


2.    How do I reach a SWRSA director?


Ian Morrell morrell.soccer@gmail.com
Jim Bainbridge generalmanager@swrsa.ca
Laszlo Sarkany generalmanager@swrsa.ca
Pilar Anderson leaguedirector@swrsa.ca
Jeff Hughes
Dominick Mape leaguedirector@swrsa.ca



3. When can registrations be dropped off?

a.    Registrations can be dropped off between regular office hours Monday to Wednesday 9:00 a.m - 5 p.m, Thursday 9:00a.m - 6:00p.m, Friday 8:00a.m - 4:00p.m. SWRSA requires three (3) days   for all registrations. 

b.    Immediate service is not available at all times. Call in advance to check availability.


4. Are registration forms available online?

a.    Yes you can find registration forms for the current playing season under Information

5. When is the last day I can register a player?

a.    Each league sets the last registration date.   You will need to contact the league you are currently registered with to obtain further information.


6. What is a Temporary Eligibility Permit?

a.    Any player registered with the Ontario Soccer or another Provincial Association affiliated to the C.S.A. is eligible to obtain a "TEMPORARY ELIGIBILITY PERMIT".  A player using a "TEMPORARY ELIGIBILITY PERMIT" in order to be eligible to play for an outdoor competitive team or an indoor team must also possess an "Ontario Soccer REGISTRANT BOOK" available for presentation at the game.  A player shall be entitled to three "TEMPORARY ELIGIBILITY PERMITS" to play for an amateur team during each playing season.


b.    TEMPORARY ELIGIBILITY PERMIT must be picked up at the SWRSA be the releasing team.  Releasing team completes the form and returns to the SWRSA office for validation.


7. What is a Trial Registration Permit?

a.    A "TRIAL REGISTRATION PERMIT" is a temporary registration with the Ontario Soccer which shall only used by players who are not registered with Ontario Soccer or a Provincial Association affiliated to the C.S.A.  A "TRIAL REGISTRATION PERMIT" entitles a non-registered player to play two games for a Registered Team during a fifteen day period.  A player playing in an outdoor competitive game or an indoor game while using a "TRIAL REGISTRATION PERMIT" must also obtain an "Ontario Soccer REGISTRANT BOOK"


b.    A player may obtain two (2) "TRIAL REGISTRATION PERMITS" during one playing season.  The trial period for each shall not overlap.  An outdoor playing season and an indoor playing season shall be considered different playing seasons.  A player may only be issued one "TRIAL REGISTRATION PERMIT" to play for any one Club.


c.    Trial permits must be picked up at the SWRSA office.


8. Can the District set league rules..ie. callups Regional (younger age)  play in District (older age).

a.    Yes, in accordance with Ontario Soccer Registration Procedures:  “A League or District Association, or the competition rules, may impose limitations on such movement within a Club, provided that the limitations are applied consistently.” the District set league rules.


9. House League Players:   If there is insufficient players 15-18, can a U15 player register as U15 and play on U18 team or do they have to register as U18?

a.    Players are not registered to age classifications.  They are registered to teams.  If the U15 player registers on an U18 team, she/he is considered to be on an U18 team for playing-up purposes.

10. A Local League currently running U9-U17 divisions wants to run a U20 division.

a.    The club operating the Local League at the U9 to U17 divisions is permitted to have a U20 division. Local leagues exist for both senior and youth teams.

11.  Special Olympics Teams (Special Needs Teams)

12. Can a Special Needs team play against another club’s Special Needs team.

a.    Special Needs teams are permitted to play against each other.  Based on a recent rule change by the Ontario Soccer Board, the Special Olympics teams are now  eligible to use Ontario Soccer-registered referees.  Ontario Soccer Club teams are not permitted to play against Special Needs teams.

13. Can an Ontario Soccer registered Special Needs team play exhibition games or friendlies with special needs teams from groups from area churches and schools? The children from the church groups and schools would not be registered.

a.    Ontario Soccer rules do not permit a registered club team to play against an unregistered team. This rule impacts games against school teams (high schools, colleges, universities), academy teams and special needs teams.  Basically, the Ontario Soccer rules prohibit such games and as a result, there is no insurance provided for such games.

b.    The only way that a special needs team “A” from groups from area churches and schools could play against a special needs club team “B” would be if the special needs team “A” registered with Ontario Soccer through the District Association.

14.  ITSoccerNet provided tax receipts.  Does AIMS?

a.    No.   AIMS does not have that functionality.

15.  Where can I find a fee schedule?

a.    The fee schedule can be found at SWRSA.ca under Information.


16.  I need help with AIMS registrations?

a.    Please contact the SWRSA office and staff will assist you.


17. How do I reach a SWRSA director?

a.    Please contact the SWRSA office and staff will direct you.


18. How can I be placed on a Senior team?

a.    SWRSA does not give out confidential information about SWRSA clubs.  Please send us your playing and contact information to office@swrsa.ca and we will forward your information accordingly.


19. When is my discipline hearing date?

a.    Please review the Discipline Policy information on the SWRSA website found under Discipline, Discipline System. 


20. Can my team use Call Up Players?

a.    Your team may use Call Up Players as long as there are multiple teams registered to the same club playing in a lower division.  You may NOT call up players from another club.   Players may NOT play down to a lower division


21. How do I get a Certificate of Insurance for my club?

a.    Please complete the Insurance Request Form and forward to generalmanager@swrsa.ca. The form can be found here. Once received SWRSA will forward to the provider for developing. The provider will send a copy directly to the initial requesting party.


22. Do I have to attend the SWRSA AGM?

a.    If your club will not be sending a representative, please send regrets 4 days prior to the AGM to avoid a non attendance fee of $100. SWRSA's Membership Fee of $70 is due 4 days prior or can be paid at the Annual General Meeting (date TBD).

b.    Should your club pay its membership fee and not provide regrets and not attend the AGM, a $100 fee will be applied that must be paid before player registration. Invoices are not sent.

c.    Note: A Late Penalty of $100 will be charged for any membership payment received after the AGM. This Penalty is in addition to the membership fee and any fine levied for non attendance/non regrets (where applicable).

23. If you need further information please contact the SWRSA office at 519-894-5965 or office@swrsa.ca

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