Applying for SWRSA Membership

The District Association shall be composed of the following categories of Members:

1. Clubs:
- are properly constituted soccer clubs
-- All Clubs shall have a Constitution that meets the minimum requirements regarding a Club Constitution in accordance with Ontario Soccer published Model Constitution.
- have their headquarters in the District
- operate within defined boundaries as set out by Ontario Soccer or in the Rules & Regulations
- A Youth Club is an organization operating four (4) or more teams under a common Board of Directors.  There shall be only one (1) Youth Club per community (i.e. Town, Village, City,) within the South-West Regional Soccer Association, with the exception of one Regional Youth Club.
- A Senior Club is an organization operating a minimum of two (2) teams and has a Board of Directors.

2. Associate Membership:

Associate Membership which shall be open to such organizations as District Leagues, school, college and university leagues, and referee, coach and trainer Associations, and other soccer oriented bodies.

Please refer to SWRSA's full Constitution and Rules & Regulations for more details.

Application Process:

Senior Club Application Form
Youth Club Application Form
League Application Form

Once an application has been received by the SWRSA Office, it will be passed on to the Board of Directors for consideration should the application meet the minimum selection criteria listed below. 

Minimum Selection Criteria: 
- Application form is complete and contains the following: 
  • Board and Staff contact list
  • Club's Constitution
  • League's Rules & Regulations (if applicable)
  • Minutes from last AGM
  • Application Fee
- Application is consistent with the requirements and definition of a Club as mentioned above

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