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2017 Club Head Referee Meetings

Feb 12, 2017 - Waterloo


April 25, 2017 - Kitchener

OSA Suggestions Regarding Club Head Referees


Under the direction of the Soccer Club Board of Directors, the Club Head Referee will be responsible for the management of all matters directly relating to referees including but not restricted to education, development, and assigning within the Club.


·         Promote the common good of soccer and the (enter name of Club here)

·         Provide a leadership role with the referees

·         Develop an annual work plan for referee instruction, development, recruitment and retention

·         Maintain appropriate records including a current list of referees and contact information.

·         Oversee assignment of all games directly associated with the Club, ensuring proper coverage for all games, including appropriate age, classification and experience level of referee consistent with the level of the game.

·         Oversee payment of officials, ensuring all paperwork is confirmed and validated for proper compensation

·         Ensure referees are fully informed of dress code, and proper administration of game sheets.

·         Ensure adherence of all referees to OSA policies and procedures, and code of conduct, and any Club policies and procedures.

·         Report any referee who fails to attend game appointments, or breaches any of the policies and procedures of the OSA and/or Club to the District or DRC whichever is the appropriate process in the District.

·         Oversee the acquisition, storage and inventory of uniforms and equipment for new referees

·         Establish regular meeting schedule for referees

·         Organize education sessions for referees

·         Coordinate the delivery of entry level clinics as needed.

·         Coordinate the delivery of mini referee courses as needed.

·         Act as a liaison with DRC to remain current on referee matters

·         Establish a mentor program, and identify and designate potential mentors.

·         Act as a liaison with DRC, local assignors, district clubs and leagues to determine their referee requirements, and provide opportunities for appropriate referees within the Club.

·         Prepare communication plan to address any clinic information, and/or education sessions, meetings and pertinent information sharing.

·         Attend education sessions to ensure required qualifications remain current.

·         Act as a liaison on referee matters with parents, coaches, managers as needed.

·         Attend meetings as required.

·         Make recommendations for game fees annually.

·         Submit an annual report to the Club Board of Directors, and DRC.

·         Ensure content pertaining to referee matters on Club website is kept up to date, and pertinent.

·         Other duties as assigned.


·         Current CSA registered referee in good standing, minimum District level.

·         Minimum 3 years’ experience as a referee.

·         Assessor and instructor qualifications an asset.

·         Ability to prepare and administer a budget.

·         Demonstrated knowledge of computer applications.

·         Effective communication skills.

·         Ability to manage volunteers.

·         Capability of working with a wide range of individuals.

·         Personal qualities to include integrity and attention to detail.

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