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Outdoor Player Registration Deadline Extended

By Southwest Soccer, 03/17/20, 11:45AM EDT


Southwest Soccer Members,

As most of you are aware via the attached information bulletin, Ontario Soccer has extended player registration deadlines for those registering in Youth Regional / Provincial divisions to April 30th.

Southwest Soccer is following suit and applying the change in player registration deadlines to Grassroots and Youth District divisions. In addition, the same extension is also being applied for player registration in U21 and Open Age District, Regional, and Provincial divisions. Therefore, the player registration deadline for all aforementioned divisions is now April 30th 2020.

The purpose of the extension is to help alleviate pressure on Administrators working through procedural change to complete this task.

At this point in time there is no indication (to districts) of an extension to Ontario Cup team entry deadlines. If entering Ontario Cup, please proceed to submit your application by April 1st 2020.  Southwest Soccer has always required player / team official registrations to be complete prior to obtaining District Approval in the Ontario Cup system. Although we would like to see these teams entered in OSCAR prior to April 1st, please do not withhold an Ontario Cup team entry due to administrative limitations at this point in time.

Thank you.

OS Information Bulletin #I2020 - 026