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By Southwest Soccer, 08/05/22, 2:45PM EDT


Mandatory Water Breaks

When a Heat Advisory has been issued the following District League rule is mandatory for the Southwest District Soccer League and is strongly encouraged for all other leagues to apply.

14.12 Heat Advisory Policy

In the event of a heat advisory (as issued by Environment Canada) it is MANDATORY for match officials to provide water breaks as follows:

1. At the midway point of each half.
2. Provide a 60 second break.
3. Game clock is stopped during mandated water breaks.

This is MANDATORY for player safety and cannot be ignored.

If a heat advisory has not been
issued and team officials are seeking water breaks, the request to the match official should
occur prior to the game. These water breaks will be permitted at the discretion of the referee.

The safety of players, coaches, management and spectators is the primary concern in any weather event that occurs during all matches sanctioned by SWRSA. The Match Official has the final say over delaying or restarting a match due to weather. Waiting to stop play or not waiting to start play may result in a serious injury or loss of life. Match Officials are expected to act responsibly when dealing with such events during matches they are controlling.