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Ontario Not-For-Profit Act Update - Ontario Sport Organization

By Admin, 02/14/18, 1:15PM EST


The Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act (“ONCA”) has been stuck in legislative limbo since 2010 – but there have been recent developments that affect every Ontario not-for-profit corporation.

In November 2017 the Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act, 2017 was passed by the Ontario legislature. The Act amends a number of pieces of legislation including the yet-to-be-passed ONCA and the currently-active Ontario Corporations Act. Since the Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act has made changes to the Corporations Act (the law under which most Ontario not-for-profit organizations are incorporated) nearly every Ontario sport organization has been affected.

This blogpost reviews the amendments to the Corporations Act, interprets the changes to the upcoming ONCA, and provides organizations with suggestions for what they can do right now to comply with the Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act and to prepare for the ONCA.

To review the changes to the Corporations Act and ONCA please follow the link to the Sport Law & Strategy Groups article: 

ONCA Update: What's New for Ontario Sport Organizations