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2018 Ontario Soccer Operational Procedure Changes

By SWRSA Admin, 03/07/18, 11:00AM EST


Major changes implemented effect procedures for all members

Ontario Soccer has released an updated set of Operational Procedures for immediate implementation.  Many of the changes have direct effect on processes within SWRSA and member clubs. Key items:

1. The district can no longer provide blanket approval for Exhibition  games between two clubs. 

Result: All exhibition games between two clubs require an approved application to host an exhibition game (AHEG) via CTMS. Email approval will no longer be permitted.

2.  Fines for failing to submit misconduct reports and other reports from Festivals and / or Tournaments have increased from $100  to $1000.

Result: SWRSA will update our Festival and Tournament Report Forms accordingly.

3.  Development Matrices have been updated identifying changes to Travel Distance and Memorable Events.

Result: U9 / U10 squads in the development stream are now permitted 60 minute travel distances and 2 memorable events within Ontairo. 

U11 / U12 squads in the development stream are now permitted 4 memorable events, 2 of which must be within Ontario.

4.  No 'Director' may sit as Discipline Chair for their own organization.

Result: League / Club / District directors may only participate as a panel member if for their own organization. A director can chair discipline for other clubs/leagues/districts etc...

For further details please review the Major Changes Chart or the  full Operational Procedures at Ontario Soccer.