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Information Bulletin - Updated Grassroots Matrices

By SWRSA Admin, 03/13/18, 12:45PM EDT


Ontario Soccer has made changes to the Recreational and Development Grassroots Player Development Matrices

These updates include changes to Recreational Indoor (U4 - U12), Recreational Outdoor (U4 - U12), Development Indoor (U8 - U12) and Development Outdoor (U8 - U12).

The major changes include the following:

Development Indoor & Outdoor

1. Memorable Events (per annum)

a. U8 increased to 1 event within Ontario only

b. U9 - 10 increased to 2 events within Ontario only

c. U11 - 12 set to 4 events throughout the year

i. Two of which must be with in Ontario & entirely LTPD compliant

ii. Two can be outside Ontario, within Canada or the USA , that are not necessarily LTPD compliant

2. Cultural Events

a. A cultural, religious or ethnic event centered around the game of soccer whereby teams can apply for special dispensation to attend anywhere in North America

i. For more information please refer to point #10 under ‘Additional Explanations’

3. Team Travel Time

a. Development teams at U9-10 can now travel 60 minutes each way from district boundaries (increased from 45 minutes)

i. To allow increased opportunities for Clubs, Teams, Families and Players to participate in festival events throughout Ontario as well as to meet some of the challenges of several regions

4. Throw-Ins for the Development Matrix Outdoor/Indoor

a. U9 -10 now include dribble in as well as pass in

i. To allow and empower players to make a decision when restarting play from the touchline that is most relevant to the assessed game situation.

Click Information Bulletin # I2018-012 for full access.