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Southwest Soccer Releases New Branding

By Southwest Admin, 11/27/18, 4:15PM EST


Southwest Soccer's New Branding

In the past year a new logo was produced in order to update Southwest Soccer’s brand. After many different logos were discussed and voted on one was finally chosen. Thank you to our graphic designer Alyssa MacLeod!

The new logo really brings out what our district is all about. As providers of the game of soccer, it was obvious a soccer ball would best represent that. As you can see the ball has five different patches. These patches symbolize each of the 5 counties our district represents, Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin, Perth and Grey Counties. We used the colours red, black, and white to tie in that we are members of Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer.

Now with the new logo we plan on sending out emails to our members, that have attachments of our logo and would ask that they replace the old logos you may have on websites, facilities, etc.