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Information Bulletin - Canada Soccer Club Licensing - Applications Open

By Ontario Soccer, 03/05/19, 11:00AM EST


Applications Open in Ontario as of March 1st 2019

Bulletin #: l2019-012

Date: February 28, 2019

Ontario Soccer will open applications to the “Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program” on March 1, 2019.

Clubs and Private Academies wishing to apply for the highest level within the program, “National Youth Club License,” must be accepted into OPDL via the Application & Selection Process outlined on Bulletin I2019-010.

The following is important information about the application process for the other three levels, “Provincial Level 2”, “Provincial Level 1” and “Standards for Quality Soccer”

All information and documentation shall be submitted online. This includes the initial letter of intent and all documentation to follow. Interested organizations (Clubs) are required to provide a “Letter of Good Standing” from their District Association when submitting their Letter of Intent. This requirement is not applicable to Ontario Recognized Academies (ORA).

Application timelines are described below:

·March 1 –March 17 –Letters of Intent submitted to Ontario Soccer via this portal.

·March 22to April 30 –Submission of Application by interested Organizations

·May 1 to July 31–Review of Applications by Ontario Soccer

·August 31 –Announcement of successful organizations

Timelines of submission shall be followed by all applicants. Any organization failing to submit information by established deadlines will not be considered for the Program.

If you have any further questions about the process, please contact Gabriella Trichilo.


Bulletin #: I2019-006

Date: January 31, 2019

Subject: Roll-out of Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program in Ontario

Ontario Soccer is preparing to roll-out the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program across the Province. This rollout has been previously communicated in bulletin I2018-041. In order to provide an opportunity for organizations to review the criteria outlined and identify their eligibility for the program, workshops for Districts, Leagues, Clubs and Academies have been developed. Applications to join the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program will open in March 2019.

Workshops can be organized by one or multiple organizations and can be scheduled via Ontario Soccer’s Player Development Program team.

Additionally, Ontario Soccer’s LTOD (Long Term Officials Development) team will provide updates on the new Club Minimum Standards, Best Practices Guidelines and an outline of how Ontario can assist organizations in meeting expectations for Canada Soccer Club Licensing in relation to Match Officials Development.

Organizations wishing to host a workshop, or seeking more information about the Canada Soccer Youth Club License Program, are encouraged to contact Gabriella Trichilo, Regional Manager – Player Development.